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Birds Eye Media are industry leaders when it comes to drone filming and drone photography. Based in Perth Western Australia, our team have filmed all over the world and have shot for some of Australia’s largest companies, including: Western Power, BHP, Aquatic Leisure, BAE Systems and City of Perth to name but a few.

Our Drone Services.

Birds Eye Media’s drone services were created to provide cost-effective drone photography and videography services in Perth and Australia.

Using a combination of state-of-the-art DJI drone technology and traditional photography equipment.

We have been one of the most reliable and respected drone operators in Perth Western Australia. We have obtained ReOC national accreditation and have licensed RePL pilots, public liability insurance and an immaculate safety record.

“It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is”

Why choose our drone photography services?

Technology at our core

birds eye media is constantly investing in new technology to bring you the highest quality content possible. From mounting 360 degree virtual reality cameras to our line of drones through to 8k video capture, there is nothing that we cant handle.

With a wide range of drones, cameras and gimbles, we have spent the money so you don’t have to.

Industries we service


birds eye media offer our aerial time-lapse photography services that capture your projects progression over a period. Giving your business the valuable content to communicate your project’s features to stakeholders, contractors and staff.

birds eye media are confident in providing you stunning aerial photography, video and panoramas that highlight your property from every angle. Perfect for showcasing surrounding neighborhoods, properties and nearby facilities and features.

Drone Level Views

Take your property listing to new heights with our drone photography for real estate!

The importance of great photography is crucial when it comes to marketing a new listing. Our drone photography service is the perfect way to capture your listing to show buyers its true potential. If you have a listing for building not yet placed. We can capture the right angles and shots to show developers or potential buyers what the view will be like within the area.

view of an event taking palce on a beach


birds eye media offer our drone services for any major and minor event held in Perth. We provide excellent coverage of the event from all angles from aerial photographs, capturing the moment and getting a unique visual perspective that can’t normally be taken by traditional photography.

Our team of professional drone operators are ready to provide you a world-class drone photography and video production for your event!

overhead view of a paddle boarder


birds eye media loves creating immersive and gripping tourism content that will give the audience that itch for travel and adventure! 

Let us create an epic video that will impress and draw in your client base and increase your popularity on socials

workers flying a drone


birds eye media offer our aerial services to the mining and resource sector to showcase your site and progress. From Dongas to Open Pits, we have shot it!

Taking safety to another level with all our staff having whitecards, understanding safety and on site practises.

view of a construction site


birds eye media helps your company with construction update images for key stakeholders, investors or parent companies. Here at birdseyemedia we all have whitecard’s, understand safety and worksite practises and work hard at getting you exactly what you want.

Let birdseyemedia be your construction partner


When you hire one of our drone operators here in Perth you can rest easy knowing that we are fully insured, and have permission for drone/aerial work, granted by CASA, this means that we can fly from 1 to 400 ft, to capture breath taking imagery, safely and professionally.

We take our safety and operational procedures seriously to allow us to deliver you world-class breath-taking imagery.


All of birds eye media’s Drone Operators are CASA certified. Prior to every flight, we implement extremely thorough safety checks and procedures to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Our guarantee to you is that when we perform a drone service, you will not have to worry about any implications or disruptions to your business operations.

Drone Safety

We care about drone safety

Safety is the most important aspect of any drone flight. This technology can be very dangerous in an amateurs hands and pays to hire a licenced, insured UAV professional. All Birds Eye Media pilots have certifications issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Australia and operate under a UOC, which is a licence for a business to legally conduct drone operations.

When assessing the location you would like to shoot in we always consider if the area is safe to operate a drone.

As a rule of thumb, we can safely operate a drone if we can:

  • Safely take off
  • Maintain clear line of sight
  • Not fly above 400ft without area approval
  • Not fly closer than 5.5km of any airport or helicopter pad without approval from CASA
  • Not fly closer than 15m to any people
  • Not fly over crowds and populated areas.

Important Drone Safety Considerations

Our drones are always in peak condition when they take flight. That is because we keep our drones regularly maintained and cleaned to minimise any chances of drone accidents occurring. We comply to Australian drone rules and regulations, servicing our drones every 6 months, replacing the props every 3 months, and replacing the drone batteries within half of its expected lifetime. We also perform visual safety checks before every flight.

Weather Safety

We keep our finger on the pulse with the weather! It is an important part of drone safety. We utilise a series of platforms such as airport weather reports and Oz runways to plan and navigate our flight path safely for your project. Combined with our experience and knowledge, our pilots are always able to stay situationally aware during operations to make swift decisions should there any conflict with flight safety.

Area Safety

Scoping the safety of an area of operation is a crucial part of staying compliant to drone rules and regulations.  We investigate the geographical area of the intended operation to gain a strong grasp of planning the drone safety route to be efficient and safe while capturing the best shots. Using platforms such as Google Satellite maps and Oz runways, we can clearly see buildings, bushland, hills, roads, and runways to safely chart a route.

Frequently asked questions

All our pilots have a certification that was issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia and we operate under our own REOC. This is a special licence that allows a business to legally conduct drone operations. Prior to each flight, we check the location of where you would like to shoot and clarify if it is in a controlled or un-controlled air space.

  • We check VTC maps & aviation maps to see if possible, to legally conduct flights
  • We check weather on airport and various other information portals
  • Before every flight we get in contact with property owners and obtain written consent
  • Our pilots conduct a pre and post drone checks
  • Complete safe work method statements
  • We perform a job safety analysis
  • Log all flights

As Perth’s most reliable certified drone operators, our procedures towards safety enable us to carry out our drone filming effectively across many different sectors with little friction.

Birds Eye Media use the latest RPA drone equipment and are proud to use only DJI Drones and accessories.

Our fleet currently consist of 6 Drones and including a Matrice 600 pro with cinema grade cameras which can be requested. 

We can shoot from 1080p to 4k video in any location in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and we are also happy to travel further for selected projects.

With our drone still photography we can shoot aerial photography at 24.4 megapixels, and higher on request.

Birds Eye Media can also live stream footage from our drone via STI, HDMI or YouTube, to deliver full HD quality video for your next event or TV event.

A “Populous Area” is defined as an area with sufficient density that an unreasonable risk of death, injury or property damage would be presented by any aspect of RPAS operations

An RPA must not be operated in a way that poses a hazard to another aircraft, person or property

A UAV must not be flown over a Restricted or Prohibited area without written approval from the relevant authority

A person must apply for an area approval from CASA to be permitted to operate a UAV above 400ft or less than 3 nautical miles from an airfield

When operating in controlled airspace, a person must have area approval and comply to all air traffic control instructions,

Operating a UAV near a runway, movement area, approach or departure path is prohibited unless exceptional grounds for an approval present.

A UAV may be operated under 400ft without an area approval given they meet all other CASA requirements

A UAV must not drop or discharge an object that poses a risk to another aircraft, persons or property

UAVs must only be operated in Visual Meteorological Conditions unless prior approval and training is sought

UAVs must only be operated at night once prior approval and training is sought

A UAV must not be operated within 30 meters of a person not directly associated with the operation of that UAV

A person may only operate in controlled airspace if they hold an Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (AROCoP). To pilot an RPA in a commercial operation, a person must hold an RPA Controller’s Certificate

Drone Insurance Liability

To ensure your business and our business is protected when we are contracted for a job. Birds Eye Media have Public Liability Insurance up to 20 million dollars to cover all project scenarios.

The Public Liability Insurance covers:

Accidental damage coverage includes damage that occurs whilst in flight. The policy will also extend to cover road transit whilst in the insured care, custody or control for specified events.

Ground risks only cover is also available if required.

Liability to Third Parties – Accidents that occur during flight to third parties.

Cover for electronic data – cover loss of data or media within drone.

We also have acquired the relevant permissions to perform night-time drone flights. This gives us more flexibility in delivering you a high-quality solution. If you need a drone video or a photography project, contact us today to speak to one of our specialists.

Yes! Our drone pilots are certified with Construction White Cards to carry out drone operations on commercial and industrial construction sites.

Not only does this allow us to provide our drone services to construction-based clients. It enables us to pre-empt for projects near construction site and processing of client projects to swiftly execute the job.


In early 2018 Birds Eye Media took off on a once in a lifetime trip to the Australian Antarctic Region to film the worlds first fully immersive 360 degree Virtual Reality Documentary.

Assisting Western Australian documentary film maker Briege Whitehead of White Spark Pictures, Our Director Dean Chisholm and Bafta Award winning Director Phil Harper traveled to one of the most dangerous and pristine parts of the planet to film this ground breaking Virtual Reality documentary.

In a world first Dean Chisholm is officially the worlds only drone operator to have been granted access to fly in this region and filmed from a combination of IRB boats, Helicopters, Drones and Ground to produce this remarkable content.

The documentary can now be viewed via VR headsets at the WA Martime Museum in Fremantle Western Australia from September 1st – October 14th before heading off around the world.


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