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Timelapse Photography

Timelapse photography makes for compelling viewing and a valuable tool for showcasing your project’s progression. You can capture a day or a decade to show the construction of your building or document your important event. As industry leaders in powerful and reliable multi-use timelapse systems, you can count on us to deliver high quality image capture and an exceptional finished product.

Specialised camera equipment

The custom-built equipment we utilise for timelapse photography has been meticulously fine-tuned over many years to deliver the best results. With our inventory of over 25 timelapse cameras, we are equipped to take on any timelapse project to suit your needs. Our 4G enabled Digital SLR (DSLR) timelapse cameras are solar powered, feature online dashboards, local and online storage with lightning fast upload speeds, and remote camera control. To ensure the safety of your footage, we’ve built our cameras with a fully weatherproof, sealed housing to withstand the harshest environment.

setting up the camera

Setting the stage

A member of our team will meet you on-site and pinpoint the best perspective to capture your content. We’re capable of mounting our cameras on almost any existent structure. If we’re filming in a location lacking the right infrastructure, we’ll create tailor made mounting options to meet your needs.

elizabeth quay

Taking the time to get it right

The timelapse cameras are ready to capture your content at a moment’s notice. It takes one to four hours to prep the set-up for timelapse photography, which usually involves mounting the cameras atop galvanised steel poles. When the set-up is done, the timelapse camera system can run from a day to a decade uninterruptedto suit your project


hire or buy


Renting is a great option if you need the timelapse camera for a short duration or if you’re considering projects case-by-case. We’ll supply and install everything you need to ensure the best result. On top of the equipment fee, there’s a monthly cost to run and service the stream you’ll be able to access.


Purchasing the camera is ideal if you need to use timelapse photography over the long haul. We’ll install and uninstall the camera and keep it ready to go for when you need it. To save costs, you’ll only need to pay for the online dashboard and cloud services, enabling you to track your project.

Our timelapse projects

Cutting-edge design and engineering

Quality you can depend on

The timelapse camera components have been chosen and assembled to achieve the best result for your content. Since our working prototype first operated in 2014, extensive field testing has pushed our equipment to its limits. The cameras are built to last for years and resist rust and other harsh elements. Whether your project is a two week or two-year undertaking, you will get the quality result you want every time.

Technology at our core

The result of years of research, the timelapse cameras are equipped to detail your project’s progression in ultra-high resolution. We’ve ensured the timelapse camera is at the forefront of industry leading Digital SLR (DSLR) systems. Combined with a variety of lenses that will best suit the scope and scale of your project, you will be excited to show the timelapse images to your target audience and stakeholders.

The port of call

The dashboard we use helps us, and you, keep an eye on your project. It’s a single vantage point to oversee the content capture, with up-to-the-minute camera statistics covering all important features and every possible detail. This single port of call enables fast and efficient timelapse installation management, full accessibility to real-time information and unobstructed oversight. You will have complete peace of mind your content is safe and secure.

Customised client portal

You’ll be blown away with the ease of access to your ultra-high-resolution images through the client portal. By specifying user defined date periods, you can view and download all your images at once or only those you need. Fast and easy access is assured with Amazon CloudFront servers. For a professional result, your portal pages are customised to display your branding, so proudly showing image updates to your stakeholders is extremely simple.

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Timelapse Revolution

Khronos, our AI software, captures stunning footage and provides on-demand rendering, flexible filtering, and high-resolution outputs. With robust site security measures, your data is protected for peace of mind. Gain instant access to finished timelapse video, bringing your vision to life faster than ever.

Land, Sea or Air? hell yeah!

To get the shot, we’ll go high, low and anywhere in between. For our daring team, nowhere is beyond the reach of a camera.

Land, Sea or Air? Hell yeah!

To get the shot, we’ll go high, low and anywhere in between. For our daring team, nowhere is beyond the reach of a camera

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Two people and helicopter

Our Services

  • Videography

    Boost your image with captivating video production that effectively tells your brand story.
  • Photography

    Enthral your audience with stunning photography capturing a moment, a day, or a decade.
  • VR and 360 degree photography

    Create an immersive experience that puts your audience right in the thick of the action.
  • Drone photography and videography

    Let our experienced drone pilots take your video or photography project to new heights.
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We can boost your brand with a stunning video production.
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We can produce content showing the progress of a day or a decade.

vr and 360 degree photography

We can create immersive content for your target audience.
drone control

Drone photography and videography

We can take your video or photography project to new heights.

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Absolutely. This is one of the cornerstones of our timelapse services. Not only can you view them, but you’ll be amazed by the ease of access to ultra-high-resolution images. If you need to show updates to colleagues, stakeholders, or whoever else, you’ll be able to show a work in progress of a high image quality standard.

Leave it in the hands of Australia’s leading team of experienced professionals to set these cameras up. We set up the concrete base and 416 stainless steel poles. We have two unique standalone pole options plus three base plate options, ensuring our ability to secure the best shots for each location.

Our in-house Hiab operator delivers the cameras to site. We understand each location has different needs, so we have a variety of concrete base sizes and pole lengths to mount our timelapse systems and capture the best angles and perspectives for your project.