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Creating immersive experiences

Sometimes your audience “being there” is the best way to move and thrill them. Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-Degree video production can enthral and captivate your audience, leaving them with a lasting impression. Whether it’s a major event, a beautiful location, or a virtual tour, we have the equipment and skills to produce an unforgettable immersive experience.

World class equipment and production

With VR and 360-Degree videography, you can be assured of a stunning result for your audience. We’ve partnered with world-class camera maker Insta360 to produce complex and immersive Virtual Reality and 360 degree video experiences. When filming is complete, the footage is processed in our editing suite with ultra-high-speed computers.

Take your brand to the next level

Does your project centre on a valuable piece of real estate? Are you in the tourism industry and want to show our stunning country in its best light? VR and 360-Degree video productions can enhance your ideas and video strategy, giving you the ability to connect to your target audience at the highest level.



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Our Capabilities

In 2018, our Director and Chief Drone Pilot Dean Chisholm travelled to Antarctica to film the world’s first 360-Degree documentary. We’ve applied lessons from that experience to our other projects. With our unique experience and the latest in camera and drone technologies, there are endless possibilities on the impact your VR and 360 degree photography project will make.

Virtual tours and tourism

360-Degree and VR video production can play an important part and be a great tool for attracting tourists. They bring viewers into a reality that is nearly as tactile as the sun warming your face or the sand between your toes. Likewise, a virtual tour can paint the clearest possible picture for interested buyers or new employees.

Setting you up

Your VR and 360-Degree photography content can be displayed across many platforms. If your virtual reality video content calls for a VR headset, we can supply you with all the software and hardware to bring your target audience into a stunning virtual reality. Our Look and Play software ensures a seamless journey for your viewers.

Resolution and delivery

birds eye media is at the forefront of producing top-quality 360-degree photo and video footage, making us a leader in the industry. We use the latest cutting-edge 360 cameras that range from 6K to 12K resolution, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality product possible. Trust us to capture your world from every angle.

Our 360 & VR projects

Land, Sea or Air? hell yeah!

To get the shot, we’ll go high, low and anywhere in between. For our daring team, nowhere is beyond the reach of a camera.

Land, Sea or Air? Hell yeah!

To get the shot, we’ll go high, low and anywhere in between. For our daring team, nowhere is beyond the reach of a camera

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Ship at port
Photographer in helicopter

Our Process


Working alongside you, we’ll sit down, listen to your goals, and help flesh out your ideas. This helps us understand your vision and develop a plan of attack to move forward.


The storyboarding process begins, which lays out the sequence of shots, giving you a good idea of what to expect. We’ll be straight with you about challenges we might face.


We’re now ready to get out there and shoot your content! Depending on your project’s needs, we’ll either film on location, in the production studio or a mix of both.


At the home stretch, we stitch the raw footage together and polish it with motion graphics, VFX, music and titles. Then we wrap it up with 360-Degree or Virtual Reality video/film.

Our Services

  • Videography

    Boost your image with captivating video production that effectively tells your brand story.
  • Photography

    Enthral your audience with stunning photography capturing a moment, a day, or a decade.
  • Drone photography and videography

    Let our experienced drone pilots take your video or photography project to new heights.
  • TimeLapse

    We can produce content showing the progress of a day or a decade.
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We can boost your brand with a stunning video production.
perth city


We can produce content showing the progress of a day or a decade.
timelapse photography


We can produce content showing the progress of a day or a decade.
drone control

Drone photography and videography

We can take your video or photography project to new heights.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions


We sure can. We upload your VR video to our longstanding partners PICO, who are quickly becoming market leaders in VR headsets. We can also upload your content through Oculus, which is owned and operated by Meta. These headsets are very-high resolution to create experiences that are seamless for the user.

Absolutely. At birds eye media, our licensed drone operators are among the best in Australia and we have a huge range of drones to choose from. We can do 360 8K drone video for virtual reality and streaming on YouTube or simply 360 degree photography.

Yes, it’s an important part of our video production process. Once filming is complete, we’ll send your project into our video editing suite, where we have multiple ultra-high-speed computers that are designed for processing and delivering high-quality results.