7 reasons to use time lapse over traditional video

Have you ever considered switching from traditional video to time lapse? Everyone knows video can be a great marketing tool, but sometimes it’s hard to …

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Timelapse Production Process

Are you looking to create a timelapse video? The outcomes can be breath-taking, but the setup is key to achieve a quality result. In this …

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Different Types of Time Lapse Mounts

The nature of time lapse videography means we often don’t know the result of our content until we have taken our camera down and are …

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How to make a time lapse video

Learn how you can make a time lapse video with incredible quality with a few simple tips. What is a time lapse? Whether it’s for …

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Our Favourite Time Lapse Cameras for Construction 2021

Let’s explore the ins and outs of capturing next level time lapse footage of construction projects Getting the best photos with a time lapse camera …

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Best Types of Video Production for Business

focused on creating visually stunning content for any business. Choosing the right video production for your business In 2021, consumers are watching more video content …

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