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Timelapse for Construction Monitoring & Marketing – Timelapse Services

birds eye media is one of the leading providers of timelapse services in Australia. Timelapse photography is a technique that captures a series of images over time and then plays them back at a faster speed. This allows viewers to see the progress of a construction project in seconds or minutes.

A recent study has shown that:

  • 66% of viewers favour a video to learn about your service or product.
  • 89% of marketers claim that video brings the highest ROI.
  • 83% claim that video is an excellent lead-generation tool.

We’ve created world-class timelapse videos for many brands and construction projects. Our most notable clients include Oz Minerals, Brookfield, Synergy and many more!

Advantages of Timelapse Technology in the Construction Industry

The timelapse technology we use offers several advantages in the construction industry, including:

  • Improved Project Visibility: Timelapse photography provides a bird’s-eye view of a construction project from start to finish, which can help teams better understand the work’s progress.
  • Early Detection Of Problems: Timelapse photography can be used to monitor construction projects for potential issues. For example, if a contractor is not meeting deadlines, timelapse photography can help to identify the case early on. This can save time and money by preventing the problem from escalating.
  • Increased Communication: Timelapse photography can be used to communicate the progress of a construction project to stakeholders, such as clients, investors, and employees. This helps keep everyone informed and on the same page.
  • Elevated Marketing Strategies: Attract your target audience with captivating timelapse videos, creating engaging marketing content that goes viral on social media platforms.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: Demonstrate transparency and reliability, building trust in your brand among potential buyers and investors.

The birds eye media Difference

One of the key advantages of our time-lapse services is our easy-to-use dashboard. This dashboard gives you a single vantage point to oversee your project, with up-to-the-minute camera statistics covering every possible detail. You can also use the dashboard to manage your timelapse installation, view real-time information and get unobstructed oversight. We use Amazon CloudFront servers to ensure fast and easy access to your ultra-high-resolution images.

birds eye media offers a comprehensive and reliable timelapse service that can help you capture the progress of your project in stunning detail. Contact us today to learn more about our timelapse services and how we can help you create a timelapse you’ll be proud of.

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