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Shipyard Video Production Case Study: BAE Systems Prepares for Indo Pacific

birds eye media was tasked with creating a series of videos and images to promote the capabilities of the Maritime business in preparation for the Indo Pacific conference in May. The focus was on showcasing the Henderson Shipyard, where BAE Systems Australia employees work alongside navy ships.

BAE Systems Australia stands as the nation’s foremost defence and security company, renowned for its versatility and unwavering commitment. With a rich heritage in delivering cutting-edge defence technology, BAE prioritise safeguarding people and national security, ensuring the protection of critical information and infrastructure.

The primary objective of the project was to create engaging videos and a range of images that highlighted various aspects of the Henderson Shipyard and its workforce.

The videos were designed to emphasise the following themes:

  • The capability at Henderson Shipyard
  • Safety practices
  • BAE Systems Australia’s contribution to the Royal Australian Navy
  • Foundations for growth at the shipyard

To achieve the desired outcome, birds eye media collaborated closely with BAE. The team identified key locations within the precinct and selected up to ten employees to interview, representing different levels within the organisation.

birds eye media successfully produced four compelling videos and a range of captivating images that effectively conveyed the capabilities and strengths of the Shipyard and its workforce.

These visual assets provided BAE Systems with powerful promotional materials for various channels leading up to and during the Indo Pacific conference. The videos not only showcased the shipyard’s operations but also highlighted the dedication, expertise, and commitment of BAE Systems Australia employees.

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