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Comm Bank Aerial View

Commonwealth Bank Office Refit Case Study: Video, Photos, & Timelapse

At birds eye media, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Commonwealth Bank Australia in producing remarkable images and videos of their head office refit. Through the skilful integration of photography, video, drone footage, and timelapse, we have effectively captured the transformative changes and enhancements made to their office space, highlighting the exceptional quality and intricate details of the project.

This innovative combination of creative techniques has allowed us to capture various aspects of the refit, providing a comprehensive overview that portrays the project in its entirety. Our collection of images and videos vividly brings the refit to life, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results achieved

Commonwealth Bank Australia selected birds eye media to provide a complete content capture package, which included videography, photography, drone footage, and long-term timelapse.

To preserve every detail of the refit process, we strategically deployed three of our time-lapse units. These units tirelessly recorded continuous content, capturing the transformation from both the interior and exterior of the project site. The result was a captivating visual journey that showcased the evolution of the space.

Our dedicated team of experienced videographers made a total of 15 visits to the site, ensuring that every milestone moment was expertly captured. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured that no significant aspect of the project went unnoticed, resulting in a comprehensive documentation of the refit process.

In total, we delivered over 1000 high-resolution images to Commonwealth Bank. These valuable assets were intended for utilisation across various social media platforms, as well as in internal reports and updates. The imagery effectively conveyed the progress and achievements of the project, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

A tradie hanging the Comm Bank logo on the building

As part of the 2022 fit-out, Commonwealth Bank Australia wanted to capture the entire process from start to finish and hear from some of the amazing designers who played a major role in the refurbishment.

birds eye media put together a video to help dive deeper into every little detail that was taken into account along the way.

Comm Bank Rooftop View

birds eye media delivered over 1000 high-quality images to Commonwealth Bank Australia to showcase every aspect of the office fit-out. The photos were taken with careful attention to detail and were of the highest quality.

The images provided were invaluable to Commonwealth Bank Australia, allowing them to showcase their office fit out in the best possible light.

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