Time lapse video solutions

Birds eye media are excited to offer Perth and Western Australia our latest time lapse video services. Birds eye media systems are world leaders in the development of time lapse photography systems.

Over the past five years, birds eye media have established themselves as the world’s leading time lapse solutions supplier by competitively addressing the global market to incrementally develop what is now the most powerful, reliable and dependable multi-use time lapse system available.


Our aim is to deliver outstanding customer service, coupled with competitive prices for all of our customers. As a leading creative agency, we want to build long lasting meaningful relationships with all our clients. We are huge fans of technology and harnessing its power to build a more creative world, and are constantly looking at new technologies and ways we can provide more services to our customers.

Our Equipment

We can bring your vision to life with our time lapse photography service, capturing the entirety of your project from start to finish.



All components have been specifically chosen and computer designed to work seamlessly in the field. They are resistant to the elements, will not rust, and are designed to look great for years to come. Whether your project duration is 2 weeks or 2 years, each part has been used to ensure the longevity of your asset.

The anodised aluminium provides temperature reductions inside the enclosure, thanks to the purposeful design of the air gap, providing decreases of 6-10 degrees on comparable enclosures on the market.

Why trust your equipment to anything else.


Arguably the smartest, most efficient and technologically advanced time lapse control unit in existence, the birds eye media time lapse unit’s core represents over a decade of research and development and nearly 5 years of in-field testing. With far too many features to mention here, the birds eye media control unit leaves competitor units in their tracks.

  • 3G or 4G integrated with upload speeds averaging 150-180KByte/sec or 480-500KByte/sec
  • Custom built specifically for Time Lapse Photography
  • Upgrade kit available to install in existing enclosures
  • Camera control via USB


The birds eye media unit dashboard provides a platform to monitor all of our clients cameras safely and securely.

This streamlined and intuitive user interface facilitates one single vantage point to oversee every element relating to each BEM Infinity time lapse installation. We can drill down on hundreds of cameras across hundreds of clients and view up to the minute camera statistics covering literally every possible detail relating to each.

The birds eye media dashboard is the single port of call the enables fast and efficient time lapse installation management.



Clients are blown away with the ease in which the birds eye media dashboard provides real-time access to ultra high resolution images taken with each camera. Clients can view every single image taken at each of their camera locations  and download each and every one of them by specifying user defined date periods. 

Images are stored on Amazon Cloudfront servers which ensures that content is delivered in lightning fast time, thereby decreasing end-user latency and providing and over all superior user experience.

Client portal pages are branded accordingly giving an overall professional appearance that they’ll be proud to display to their stakeholders.

Cloud Rendered time lapse videos

Cloud Render™ is an AWS based propriety media technology that programmatically renders and assembles image files into time-lapse videos. Using advanced Attificial Integelegence, the software stacks images into a timeline in real time, automatically stabilising, frame blending and rendering your videos in Ultra high definition 6k available on demand

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About our time lapse solutions

With the Directors of BEM having years of time lapse photography experience, the business commenced in 2013 to overcome the challenges of other systems on the market, the goal was to create the best time lapse camera system to meet the needs of the photographer. The goal has been achieved.

Built by Photographers for Photographers, birds eye media understand the challenges of capturing the desired imagery for our clients. Both Long Term and Short-Term time lapse is possible with reliability at the core of the system.

Extensive field testing has been undertaken working with Photographers across the globe, with the first working prototype installed in 2014, now with over 100 units in service across the globe, the birds eye media time lapse system is ready for your next project.

Engage with birds eye media today and learn why our products and services are second to none.

We have multiple camera options available from battery operated simple devices, right through to solar-powered, 3G and 4G connected digital SLR options. 

Unlike most time lapse companies in Perth and Australia, Birds eye media have time lapse camera purchase options and time lapse camera hire options available.

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Our services are trusted by

“Birds Eye Media are the Industry Standard of Time Lapse Photography.”

Construction time lapse photography

Construction projects can easily seem like they have popped up out of nowhere. Capture the journey of your residential or commercial construction with birds eye media time lapse photography. Our time lapse photography can be used for marketing, social media, project progress, personal memento, and much more.

Development time lapse photography

Birds eye media’s time lapse photography is the perfect way to track the progress of your land development. No matter if it is a short-term or long-term project, our team can work alongside you to create the ideal time lapse for whatever purpose you need it for.

Mining time lapse photography

Mine sites can alter drastically from day to day as excavation and work progress. Birds eye media’s time lapse photography can help track the progression of mining projects remotely to allow for effective management of the site. Our time lapse equipment is suitable for harsh conditions to guarantee a quality result.

Energy time lapse photography

The increase in renewable energy use means we are seeing these plants appear quite quickly. Birds eye media can capture the construction of these renewable energy plants with our advanced time lapse equipment. The use of this time lapse content can be used for social media purposes or in-house education and training.

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Perth time lapse photography & more

Are you looking to use time lapse content as a way to communicate a deeper message to your audience?

We recommend using it as part of larger video production, to further the effects of time lapse videography and photography on your audience. Our experienced team are masters at crafting engaging video that communicates a strong narrative to your audience. We typically use time lapse footage, intros, outros, branded graphics, interviews, and other footage to create a corporate video that creates a strong story.

birds eye media are some of the most trusted professional drone pilots in Australia, We have filmed in Europe, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and even Antarctica. We understand cinematography and can provide your company, event or video production the highest quality drone services in the country.

Telling stories and producing visually stunning video content is what we do, Our team of videographers, video editors and graphics overlay animators can help your company deliver beautiful videos for social media, television, websites or events.

birds eye media can offer traditional local Perth and Australia wide photography and video production services. We have state of the art equipment, and can shoot in virtually any location.

We use world class photographic timelapse systems to provide our customers with the highest quality timelapse footage. If you’re serious about timelapse, you need to partner with birds eye media.

Virtual Reality can be used in real estate and construction to show a potential buyer what there new home or apartment will look like before it is built, even creating a virtual tour through the home like you are actually there.

The birds eye media team can shoot from planes, helicopters, remote control buggy’s, motorbikes, cable cams and even underwater. There really isn’t anything we can’t do

“If you are serious about time lapse photography, you need to partner with birds eye media.”

Frequently asked questions

Choosing to invest in time lapse videography with birds eye media can bring great value to your business both now and in the future. the greatest benefit from time lapse videography is that it’s easily repurposed for multiple content creation purposes.

Time lapse videography has the benefits of:

  • Building a visual representation of a long-term or short-term project
  • Educating and informing employees of your business’s activities
  • Allowing you to document important events
  • Creating a unique overview of your business
  • Showcasing the positives of your business

The frequency of images taken depends on each individual project and the outcome you are looking to achieve. Our cameras have the capability to capture images in quick bursts or over longer periods of time. Our team will work alongside you to find the ultimate method for the optimal result.

An added benefit of time lapse videography with birds eye media is our ability to set up our time lapse cameras quickly and efficiently. We often find that time lapse services can be forgotten until the last minute before a project begins. We can remove this issue by getting our team on-site as soon as you need us. Depending on the scope of the project, and the environment it’s being installed in, set up can take from a few hours to a day.

Where we mount our equipment will vary depending on the environment in which we are capturing the content. However, our time within the industry has allowed has to mount our cameras almost anywhere on existing structures. For areas that don’t have existing infrastructure, we have stand-alone systems to work from.

To find the ideal position, a member of our team will meet with you on-site to locate the perfect vantage point and conduct a site inspection to ensure everything you want to be captured will be in the shot.

To keep yourself up to date on what our cameras are capturing, we give you login access to an online image gallery that shows the images as they are taken. This platform also allows you to download singular images to use or to just track progress remotely

At birds eye media we currently offer instant, customisable, recurring, and professionally produced time lapse options. To gain a better understanding of what will work best for your project get in touch with our birds eye media team!

Want to stand out from the crowd with amazing video content? Talk to our video
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