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Strait Link Rebrand Case Study: How Video Elevated a Shipping Company’s Image

In a dynamic collaboration, birds eye media partnered with Strait Link to embark on an exhilarating project capturing the entirety of their brand refresh. By harnessing the power of photography, videography, drone technology, and timelapse, birds eye media brought their expertise to the forefront, aiding Strait Link in crafting a captivating new visual identity for their business.

This case study explores how the integration of video, drone footage, and timelapse techniques enabled birds eye media to comprehensively encapsulate the essence of Strait Link’s transformation, empowering them to present their diverse business facets in an unprecedented, creative, and professional manner.

Strait Link has a proud history of being a vital link between Tasmania and the world, providing daily sea freight services between Port Burnie in Tasmania and the Port of Melbourne in Victoria.

birds eye media has formed a strategic collaboration with Strait Link to develop a comprehensive range of content spanning across multiple states. Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, photography, videography, time-lapse techniques, and proficient editing skills, our expert team has successfully produced captivating videos to highlight the business’s recent rebranding efforts. The resulting content has been skilfully deployed across a diverse array of platforms, such as websites, print media, and various social media channels.

The result was a collection of high-quality visuals that showcased Strait Link’s unique brand in a creative and exciting way. These visuals proved instrumental in promoting the company’s wide array of services, products, and mission across various online and offline platforms. The creative assets emerged as a highly effective means to actively engage both current and potential customers, forging meaningful connections and fostering enhanced customer interaction.

Overall, the collaboration between birds eye media and Strait Link was a success. The team’s hard work and creativity resulted in a stunning suite of content that was used to effectively promote the business’s rebrand.

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