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Ramelius Resources Case Study: Video Elevates Mining Operations

birds eye media was approached by Ramelius Resources, a leading mining company, to create a comprehensive visual representation of their projects. The scope of the project included producing two 2-minute videos, one for the Penny Project and another for the Mt Magnet Project. The videos were primarily drone-focused, complemented by ground camera shots, with a particular emphasis on underground footage in the Mt Magnet mine site. Additionally, birds eye media was tasked with capturing still images of both sites.

Ramelius Resources Limited is a prominent gold producer based in Western Australia. Established in 2003, the company has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and has been actively engaged in gold production since 2006. Ramelius Resources owns and operates several gold mines across Western Australia, including Mt Magnet, Edna May, Vivien, Marda, Tampia, Penny, and the recently acquired Rebecca Gold Project.

The project entailed the comprehensive capture of drone footage at both the Mt Magnet mine site and the Penny Project, complemented by ground camera shots to enhance the overall video production. Furthermore, we obtained still images of both sites to supplement the videos.

Our approach revolved around meticulous project planning, encompassing a thorough analysis of the project requirements and close collaboration with Ramelius Resources to establish a clear vision for the videos and still images. To ensure efficient execution during the site visit, we developed a detailed schedule. Pre-production activities involved conducting site surveys to evaluate optimal drone flight paths and camera angles, obtaining the necessary permits and permissions for drone operations, and coordinating access to restricted areas and underground facilities.

During production, we utilised high-quality drones equipped with state-of-the-art cameras to capture aerial footage of the sites. Ground cameras were also deployed to capture underground shots and ground-level perspectives. Our team ensured seamless coordination between the drone pilot, camera operator, and on-site personnel to capture the desired footage while strictly adhering to safety protocols and environmental regulations.

Penny Mine Site
Mt Magnet

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