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Axis Hire Case Study: Fleet Videos & Photos Drive Growth

Axis Hire, a significant fleet hire company across Australia, recognised the importance of showcasing their extensive fleet to solidify their reputation in the mining, civil, and construction industries. Axis Hire partnered with birds eye media to create a comprehensive content package. This collaboration aimed to highlight Axis Hire’s entire fleet, including water trucks, bulldozers and dump trucks while capturing employee shots to enhance corporate branding materials.

Axis Hire is an industry-leading fleet hire company that offers a wide range of high-quality, fully-customised vehicles, trucks, and civil and earthmoving equipment. With a reputation for excellence within the mining, civil, and construction sectors, Axis Hire stands out as a trusted partner for companies seeking reliable and efficient fleet solutions.

birds eye media’s objective was to create a comprehensive content package in collaboration with Axis Hire, aiming to effectively showcase Axis Hire’s entire fleet while incorporating visuals of their employees. This content package would be valuable to their corporate branding materials, demonstrating Axis Hire’s commitment to delivering exceptional fleet solutions across multiple industries.

Over a three-day on-site visit, the birds eye media team utilised their expertise in photography and videography to capture the fleet vehicles and equipment from various angles and perspectives. Additionally, we took the opportunity to photograph Axis Hire’s employees, providing a human element to showcase the company’s success.

During the on-site visit, we employed our technical skills and creative vision to capture diverse content. Using high-quality cameras and equipment, we ensured the images and videos captured were visually appealing and aligned with Axis Hire’s branding guidelines.

birds eye media provided Axis Hire with a collection of high-resolution images and professionally edited videos suitable for utilisation in a wide range of corporate branding materials.

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