Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Filming

Virtual Reality and 360 degree solutions

Birds Eye Media are Virtual Reality and 360 Degree filmmakers based in Perth Western Australia. We have worked on award winning productions and have travelled across the globe including Antarctica to film 360 degree documentaries and locally here in Western Australia.

We can also add animations to your Virtual Reality experience to make it even more immersive and interactive.

"Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will change the way we see the world."

Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual Reality is changing the way we see and interact with the world, and that’s why the Birds Eye Media team can help you create experiences that do exactly that!

Offering experiences to businesses in Perth Western Australia and Australia wide we can help your business build experiences that engage and inspire people.

360 Degree Videos

Birds Eye Media can film your next project in full 360 degrees at 30fps (8K) (post-processing stitching) and 360 degree 3D videos at 30fps (6K) (post-processing stitching) we can shoot in any location in Perth or Australia.

How We Do it

Birds Eye Media use various 360 degree cameras. Primarily we use and have partnered with world renowned 360 camera maker Insta360 and use a mix of consumer grade cameras through to complex larger commercial cameras.

Once filming is complete we send the project into our editing suite where we have multiple ultra high speed computers that are designed for processing and delivering large projects that require a high level of processing power.

Step 1

This is where we sit with you and talk about what your Virtual Reality, or 360-degree video or Virtual reality project needs are.

Step 2

We will work with you on creating a storyboard and advise you on how VR filmmaking works and challenges we might face during the process.

Step 3

Film time! Now its time for the fun stuff, on location filming or in the studio creating, we are ready to capture or create the content for your project.

Step 4

Post Production begins and final output of your video and content starts. This is where  we stitch the video content together from each lens of the camera, create the final elements from motion graphics, VFX, music and titles. Then wrap it all together in a well polished 360 or Virtual Reality Video or film.

“When people take off the headset, they immediately have a creative idea about what they can make in virtual reality”

have a vr project idea?

If you have a 360 Video or Virtual Reality idea or project you would like to discuss or need some help with, the birds eye media team can help from storyboarding right through to logistics and sourcing talent.
Contact us today to learn more.

insta360 pro 2

Birds Eye Media are one of only a few Western Australia based virtual reality film companies with the Award winning Insta360 Pro 2. A cinema grade 360 degree camera producing only the highest quality.

360 Degree Drone Video

The team at birds eye media are experts at filming 360 degree content for virtual reality from most drones. From the DJI Mavic 2 Pro with custom built split lens 360 camera mount right through to the Insta360 Pro 2 mounted to a DJI Matrice 600 Pro for large scale professional solutions. 

We understand how to capture effectively in the field to make sure at the post production stage nothing is missed and everything is enjoyed!