Drone Workshops in perth

“Owning a drone does not make you a pilot.”

FIRST CLASS drone workshops & SUPPORT

Have you just purchased a drone or obtained your remote pilot licence and want to really understand and learn the basics of flying or photography? Look no further, Birds Eye Media and UAVisuals want to help take your drone photography and video skills to the next level.

Learn from CASA certified drone operators in Perth to shoot, fly and edit like a pro with our drone workshops!

Birds Eye Media and UAVisuals offer a range of drone training workshops and one-on-one tutorials from the basics of flying to editing tips and tricks.

Our range of drone training courses cover topics such as the basics of flight safety to camera settings and even post processing software like Final Cut, Premier Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop.
The courses are designed for those getting into flying or photography with no prior experience in both.



Flying with Confidence Workshop
Our best seller & a must for getting into drones! The course covers everything you need to know about the technology, settings, CASA certified rules & regs, air threats & hazards and how to avoid crashes!

4hrs $695+gst

6hrs $999+gst

8hrs $1299+gst



Drone Photography 101
This workshop is tailored to your knowledge of drones and/ or photography. Already an expert flyer & want to know how to get the most out of your image? The course covers everything from photo basics to expert level bracketing & composition techniques using a drone.

4hrs $695+gst

6hrs $999+gst

8hrs $1299+gst



Drone Cinematography 101
Looking at understanding film? Want to learn techniques & shots such as ‘Dolly, tracking, look-up, establishing’? We teach you every possible aerial movement you need to know to create jaw-dropping videos!

4hrs $695+gst

6hrs $999+gst

8hrs $1299+gst


Commercial Drone Operations
Breaking into the real estate market? birds eye media offer commercial training courses aimed at those who are in the real estate and property sectors. The course covers safety, privacy and best practices.

4hrs $695+gst

6hrs $999+gst

8hrs $1299+gst


Drone Photo Editing Workshop
What do you do with all that drone footage you have recorded? Put it into an epic clip of course! We offer hands on or virtual video editing workshops using Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro. Virtual Workshops available!

4hrs $695+gst

6hrs $999+gst

8hrs $1299+gst

video production


Drone Video Editing Workshop
What do you do with all that drone footage you have recorded? Put it into an epic clip of course! We offer hands on or virtual video editing workshops using Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro. Virtual Workshops available!

4hrs $695+gst

6hrs $999+gst

8hrs $1299+gst

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Premium Adventure Workshop
Drone photography is fun and we think its best enjoyed in beautiful locations on an adventure! From our extensive travel we have teamed up with hotels, tour companies and drivers to give you an ultimate adventure workshop!

1 Week – Bali – On Hold Due to COVID
1 Week – Thailand – 
On Hold Due to COVID

“When technology is no longer novel, videos need more substance to impel viewers to watch, engage, & share,”


Relax its 2021!
Not from Australia? Who cares- this the 21st century. We offer virtual workshops over screen-sharing apps that is just like being there next to you! All you need is a stable internet connection & we are good to go! Ask us which courses are available via streaming.

2hrs $AUD395+gst


Golden Hour
The Golden Hour is by far the best time to shoot! The colours of the sky light up, long shadows, and breathtaking scenery, we take you to amazing locations around the neighbourhood to shoot your perfect sunrise/sunset.

2 Hours – $395+gst

drone workshop TOPICS

Topics covered are based around photography and video principles however, as Birds Eye Media and UAVisuals are CASA certified (ReOC) holders we can also provide you the basics in flying safely as a hobbyist or commercial operators. If you wanted to obtain your RePL or ReOC licence we can certainly point you in the direction of a great licencing company.

Note: birds eye media and UAVisuals does not offer CASA certification courses.
Introduction and safety when flying- Know the rules!
• Where can and can’t I fly in Australia
• Current RPAS laws
• How to avoid getting into trouble
• Top crash errors to avoid
Photography fundamentals
• Exposure triangle.. ie ISO/ Shutter/ Aperture
• Framing/ composition
• Getting creative
Air threats
• Bird strike!
• Magpies, eagles, trees, dogs.. anything else that might take out your drone!
Best Photography Setting
• Tips and tricks using DJI GO 4 app to help in improve your photography
• Best settings to use to achieve great photos
• Use of AEB
• Why filters are important
• Why use zebra lines & grids
The use of filters (ND, GND, CPL, UV)
• Why they are important for drone photography & video
Using DJI intelligent modes to your advantage
• Using Tripod mode, Tap Fly, POI
• How to take vertical / horozontal panoramas
Post processing in Lightroom or Instagram
• Processing your images to share/print
• Best settings for output
• Workflow & backup techniques
Photography for Real Estate
• Capturing the best angles for residential / commercial properties
How to catch-land a drone
• Landing with low batt, windy or boats?
• For tough landing areas
• More handy than you think!
Aerial Cinematography must know techniques
• Basic video settings & principals
• Rule of thirds
• 180 degree shutter angle rule

drone workshop INSTRUCTORS



Dean Chisholm
Director | Birds Eye Media Perth Western Australia.

Dean Chisholm, has run multiple corporate companies in Western Australia and New Zealand. Having always had a passion for technology and photography. Dean obtained his Drone Remote Pilot Licence in late 2013 and now runs a successful creative agency in Western Australia.

Dean was also the first commercial operator in the world to have been granted access to fly in the Australian Antarctic Region.

With a drive to help others explore this exciting new tech, Dean loves sharing his knowledge to like minded people.


Aaron Rajamoney
Director | UAVisuals Melbourne.

Aaron Rajamoney comes from an extensive 5 Years of UAV (drone) experience, a degree in Film & Video, 10+ years in Marketing & Media.
Aaron’s award winning photography and videos have taken him to all corners of the globe.

He’s worked with international clients from not-for-profit organisations in Africa to luxury resorts in the Maldives.

His passion is all things tech, art and travel. Sharing this passion with others is what he lives for!


Joao Tomb
Drone Pilot | Birds Eye Media Perth Western Australia.

Most of Joao’s career experience has been shooting TV Dramas and Soap Operas, TV Commercials, Music Concerts, Music Videos, Festivals, Galas, Sporting , Corporate Videos and Live Broadcast Around the World working every day as an employee of the biggest Portuguese Production Company Emav, Plural Entertainment (TVI).

Now in Australia Joao is resident drone pilot, jib operator, steady cam operator and remote control buggy operator to leading broadcaster Fox Sports.


“The workshop I completed in Perth was very informative and enjoyable. I feel lots more comfortable with my drone now.

I really think it’s great that the guys do a great follow up and offer their support whenever needed after the workshop.

Cheers UAVisuals & Birds Eye Media”


"I would highly recommend birds eye media for UAV for videographer training. Dean is friendly, patient, and highly professional and the training was helpful and enjoyable!"

William Osborne – COMMERCIAL PILOT


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