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“It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is”

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perth's DRONE services EXPERTS

birds eye media are Perth’s industry leaders when it comes to drone services. Our local team of experts have filmed all over the world and have shot for some of Australia’s largest companies, including: Western Power, BHP, Aquatic Leisure, BAE Systems and the City of Perth to name but a few.

birds eye media’s drone services were created to provide cost-effective drone filming and drone photography services in Perth and Australia.

bird’s eye media take drone photography to a new level with our combination of state-of-the-art DJI Drone technology and traditional photography equipment. Built to capture with precision and quality, our capability can be tailored to your diverse requirements. birds eye media have been recognised as one of Perth’s most reliable and respected drone operators.

Our Equipment

birds eye media use the latest RPA drone equipment and are delighted to use only DJI Drones and accessories. Our fleet currently consist of 6 Drones and including a Matrice 600 pro with cinema grade cameras which can be requested.  

Our Drone operators can shoot from 1080p to 5.2k video in any location in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and can travel further for selected projects. We can also shoot aerial photography at 24.4 megapixels or more with our drones on request for your project.

birds eye media can also live stream footage from our drones via STI, HDMI or Youtube. Delivering full HD quality videos for your next event or TV event.

Drone Safety

Drone Rules and Regulations Australia

birds eye media have a immaculate safety record as we take our compliance to the rules and regulations around drone operation seriously. For every job, our drone operators must follow the following rules:
  • A RPA must not be operated in a way that that poses a hazard to another aircraft, person or property.
  • A UAV must not be flown over a restricted or prohibited area without written approval from the relevant authority
  • A person must apply for an area approval from CASA to be permitted to operate a UAV above 400ft or less than 3 nautical miles from an airfield.
  • When operating in a controlled airspace, a person must have area approval and comply to all air traffic control instructions. Operating a UAV near a runway, movement area, approach or departure path is prohibited unless exceptional grounds for approval is present.

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

  • A UAV may be operated under 400ft without an area approval given they meet all other CASA requirements A UAV must not drop or discharge an object that poses a risk to another aircraft, persons or property
  • UAVs must only be operated in Visual Meteorological Conditions unless prior approval and training is sought
  • UAVs must only be operated at night once prior approval and training is sought (birds eye media have acquired approval on night operation on their REOC)
  • A UAV must not be operated within 30 meters of a person not directly associated with the operation of that UAV. (birds eye media have authority to operate within 15 metres)
  • A person may only operate in controlled airspace if they hold an Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (AROCoP) To pilot an RPA in a commercial operation, a person must hold an RPA Controller’s Certificate

There are many other rules and regulations which you can find out here: https://www.casa.gov.au/rules-and-regulations

Drone Certifications

CASA Certified

All of birds eye media’s Drone Operators are CASA certified. Prior to every flight, we implement extremely thorough safety checks and procedures to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Our guarantee to you is that when we perform a drone service, you will not have to worry about any implications or disruptions to your business operations.

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Perth Drone Photography

bird’s eye media are fast becoming Australia’s preferred drone photography and commercial UAV service provider. Our specialisation in creating spectacular aerial imagery and ground video content is unparalleled in quality.

We cater to both creative and commercial services to all industries and disciplines including property, film and TV, tourism, construction, and government sectors. 

Why Bird's Eye Media?

beach aerial

World-Class Quality

Our years of experience has built our foundation in delivering a service that is unparalleled



We stop at nothing but getting the results that meet and exceed your satisfaction.

video production

Transferable Skills

Our staff hold a multi-disciplined background to over a varied range of knowledge and skills.


Seamless Experience

We work closely with you to ensure you receive the best information and service experience with Bird’s Eye Media

Reduction in cost

Save your business time and money. Our drones can help you get all the assets capturing you need within a shorter timeframe. Giving you the data your need to boost business productivity.


No longer will you have to worry about putting your workers at risk to get the reports and assets you need! Our drones eliminate all the risks around hazardous places, heights and confined spaces.

Minimal Shutdowns

We setup our drone operations at a set location and stay fully operational while we carry out our service. Creating minimal disruption to your business operations

Commercial / Corporate / Construction

Until recently, any surveying, inspection or mapping assets have been costly and highly inefficient to conduct. Putting workers at certain risks or wasting valuable time to provide essential reports.

Drones have now become better option for businesses to get these assets that is both cost effective and a safer solution. birds eye media can help you improve your operation efficiency with our drone services and elevate you to the next generation of asset capturing and monitoring.

birds eye media offer our aerial time-lapse photography services that capture your projects progression over a period. Giving your business the valuable content to communicate your project’s features to stakeholders, contractors and staff. Not sure if you want to use drones for your asset monitoring and mapping? Here’s some reasons why you should!

Real Estate

Take your property listing to new heights with our drone photography for real estate!

The importance of great photography is crucial when it comes to marketing a new listing. Our drone photography service is the perfect way to capture your listing to show buyers its true potential.

If you have a listing for building not yet placed. We can capture the right angles and shots to show developers or potential buyers what the view will be like within the area.

birds eye media are confident in providing you stunning aerial photography, video and panoramas that highlight your property from every angle. Perfect for showcasing surrounding neighborhoods, properties and nearby facilities and features.


birds eye media offer our drone services for any major and minor event held in Perth. We provide excellent coverage of the event from all angles from aerial photographs, capturing the moment and getting a unique visual perspective that can’t normally be taken by traditional photography.

Our team of professional drone operators are ready to provide you a world-class drone photography and video production for your event!
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examples of our drone work

See below example of birds eye media’s drone work and various projects we have worked on.


“We have been using birds eye media for our pool photography for a few months now. We have found the service to be both professional and cost effective. Our clients have reported feeling comfortable with the birds eye team, stating that they are polite & respectful in and around their property. The images are processed & emailed within a very quick turn around, the images have all been very impressive. We couldn’t be happier with the company.”


“We searched and rang a few drone companies in Perth and birds eye media were definitely the most prompt with their quote and answered all of our questions well. We were absolutely thrilled with the video we received and will be continuing to use birds eye media for future videos.”


@Drone Workshop Student

“I would highly recommend birds eye media for UAV videographic training. Dean is friendly, patient, and highly professional and the training was helpful and enjoyable!”


“Thank you, The renders were great . I will pass your details around the office and any other potential customers for you in the future. I myself will certainly use your company again as the need arises.”