Drone Safety

Learn about our safety vision and how we provide the safest drone service in Perth

We care about drone safety

When considering the rules of flying drones, taking the appropriate safety measures is something we take pride in. Safety when operating a drone is crucial! If mishandled, using a drone can be extremely dangerous, particularly when navigated by an amateur. This is why it pays off to hire a licensed, insured UAV professional. In order to stay compliant, our pilots stay up to date with the latest drone safety procedures and regulations to ensure we can provide a quality service at no risk to your project or business.

How we offer safe drone operation

Firstly, all our pilots have a certification that was issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia and we operate under our own REOC. This is a special licence that allows a business to legally conduct drone operations. Prior to each flight, we check the location of where you would like to shoot and clarify if it is in a controlled or un-controlled air space.

As a rule of thumb, we can safely operate a drone if we can:

Mission Planning

At Bird’s Eye Media, every job we do requires pre-mission planning to assess the drone conditions, weather safety and the area of operation. We engage with a range of platforms to plan our flight operations quickly, and accurately to get the best possible result. This also ensures we anticipate and carefully plan out our drone safety operations which comply with safety regulations. This allows us to capture the best of your project without any interruptions.

Drone safety Conditions

Our drones are always in peak condition when they take flight. That is because we keep our drones regularly maintained and cleaned to minimise any chances of drone accidents occurring. We comply to Australian drone rules and regulations, servicing our drones every 6 months, replacing the props every 3 months, and replacing the drone batteries within half of its expected lifetime. We also perform visual safety checks before every flight.

Weather Safety

We keep our finger on the pulse with the weather! It is an important part of drone safety. We utilise a series of platforms such as airport weather reports and Oz runways to plan and navigate our flight path safely for your project. Combined with our experience and knowledge, our pilots are always able to stay situationally aware during operations to make swift decisions should there any conflict with flight safety.

Area Safety

Scoping the safety of an area of operation is a crucial part of staying compliant to drone rules and regulations.  We investigate the geographical area of the intended operation to gain a strong grasp of planning the drone safety route to be efficient and safe while capturing the best shots. Using platforms such as Google Satellite maps and Oz runways, we can clearly see buildings, bushland, hills, roads, and runways to safely chart a route.

Drone Safety Rules & Regulations in Australia

Complying to the drone rules and regulations is a massive part of practising drone safety. We operate our drones to the highest degree of safety that strictly adheres to the guidelines set by the Australian Government.  Whenever there are changes or updates to any rules or regulations regarding drone safety and operations, our pilots are required to read over the updated manuals before they operate a drone.

Here is a snippet of the rules that we actively follow:

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What we can do for you

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World-Class Quality

Nothing should compromise on quality. This is a value that governs our service delivery. Our years of experience has built our foundation in delivering a service that is unparalleled.



This is about you. Therefore, our team will stop at nothing to get the results you deserve. We are determined to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Transferable Skills

Our staff strongly embodies the concept of team. Each staff member holds a multi-disciplinary background to cover a varied range of knowledge and skills. Therefore, we wear many hats here.


Seamless Experience

We work closely with you to ensure you receive the best information and service experience with Bird’s Eye Media. We are excellent communicators and will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Our Recent Work

Below is a snap shot of what the birds eye media team have been working on.


“We have been using birds eye media for our pool photography for a few months now. We have found the service to be both professional and cost effective. Our clients have reported feeling comfortable with the birds eye team, stating that they are polite & respectful in and around their property. The images are processed & emailed within a very quick turn around, the images have all been very impressive. We couldn’t be happier with the company.”


“We searched and rang a few drone companies in Perth and birds eye media were definitely the most prompt with their quote and answered all of our questions well. We were absolutely thrilled with the video we received and will be continuing to use birds eye media for future videos.”


@Drone Workshop Student

“I would highly recommend birds eye media for UAV videographic training. Dean is friendly, patient, and highly professional and the training was helpful and enjoyable!”


“Thank you, The renders were great . I will pass your details around the office and any other potential customers for you in the future. I myself will certainly use your company again as the need arises.”