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Creating engaging commercial videos that connect your brand with your audience

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It can be difficult as a business to create engaging commercial video content that grabs the attention of your target audience. Social media and television today is heavily saturated with advertising material. To break through this noise, it is important to differentiate yourself and focus on content that tells a story rather than sells a product or service.

As leading creators of commercial video productions, birds eye media partners with your organisation to produce eye-catching marketing and product videography. Our content goes beyond traditional video marketing tactics and connects with your viewers in a creative and strategic way. Our small team of professionally trained and experienced commercial videographers specialise in capturing the authenticity of your business to create more meaningful video productions.


We Take Your Passion and Turn it Into a Story

Conveying a story to your audience that drives engagement and showcases your passion and motivation is what makes commercial video production so effective. The commercial videographers at birds eye media believe in using powerful storytelling to attract, engage, and capture your audience.

We understand each commercial video project is as individual as the business’ story it is conveying. That is why at birds eye media we work hard to create unique video productions that truly reflect your drive and vision. Working closely with you, we create a concept that will captivate your audience and generate interest in your product or service.

What Should A Commercial Video Production Look Like?

When it comes to commercial advertising, an advert that is dynamic, creative, and punchy works best to capture your customers’ attention and leave a lasting impact. It is normally:

  • Creatively constructed to generate excitement and engagement
  • Designed to drive a need to act (call to action)
  • Consistently branded throughout
  • Memorable and shareable
  • 30 seconds or less
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Why Should I Use Commercial Video Production?

Breaking through the noise of social media can be difficult as a business. Commercial video production helps you break through with creative content and storytelling that gains the attention and interest of your viewers. It serves as a teaser to draw people in and, ideally, encourage them to seek more information about your business. Brand-orientated video content from birds eye media will effectively help you promote your organisation, product or service.

When Should I Use Commercial Video Advertising?

If you are trying to capture the attention of your audience and introduce your brand or products to new customers, commercial video advertising could be the solution. To achieve the most effective results in generating brand awareness, video advertising should be a key part of your marketing efforts.

Video advertising resonates with those viewing your brand for the first time and drives them to take action to find out more about your products or services. Taking advantage of the benefits of commercial video advertising by creating video ads for YouTube, Facebook, and other social channels is a great way to achieve your marketing goals.

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Which Commercial Video Is Best For Me?

Deciding on the commercial video that will work most effectively for your business depends on the message you are trying to convey to your audience. If you are launching an exciting new product, or creating brand awareness finding the right balance between selling a product and telling your story is crucial. Although there are multiple ways to create a commercial video production, the experts at birds eye media can assist in identifying what will work best for you and your business. Once we understand your budget, scope, message, and goals we undertake research into your industry and current trending commercials to find the style of production that aligns best with your brand and goals. This process combined with our years of experience and knowledge, means we provide a highly tailored video production solution that works for you. Commercial video styles include:


  • Product videography or service marketing videos
  • User generated video campaigns
  • Branded information videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Branded entertainment
  • Branded mini-docs
  • Launch videos
  • Event videos
  • And more

TV Commercial Production

At birds eye media we know the most effective Television Commercials do more than sell a product or service – they tell a story. By creating a narrative based on your business and its brand, birds eye media can craft a commercial that gains greater engagement and action from its viewers. By getting to know the story behind what drives you and your business, we create a TV commercial that generates brand recognition and resonates with viewers.

Social Media Video Ads

Are you looking to hit your audience with a punchy and creative Facebook video ad? We utilise the latest trends in social media video advertising to deliver high quality and purposeful ads that capture viewers’ attention. Our commercial videographers optimise your video content for social media platforms so it is unique in its delivery and impact.

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Check Out Our Other Video Production Services

At birds eye media we do more than just commercial video production. Have a look at our other video production services:

  • Business video 
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Events
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Why birds eye media?

birds eye media aims to become Australia’s preferred drone photography and videography service provider. Our team of experts specialise in creating spectacular aerial imagery and engaging video content that is edited to perfection. We provide both creative and commercial services catering to all industries and disciplines, including:

  • Construction and Mining
  • Government Agencies
  • Film and Television
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
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World-Class Quality

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience has built a foundation based on delivering an unparalleled commercial video production service.



We strive to produce commercial video content that will exceed your expectations and increase audience engagement with your content to deliver results.

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Transferable Skills

birds eye media offers a comprehensive service; our multi-skilled team have backgrounds in various disciplines, equipping us with an extensive range of skills.


Seamless Experience

We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure your commercial video production is exactly what you envisioned and conveys your brand’s narrative.


“We have been using birds eye media for our pool photography for a few months now. We have found the service to be both professional and cost effective. Our clients have reported feeling comfortable with the birds eye team, stating that they are polite & respectful in and around their property. The images are processed & emailed within a very quick turn around, the images have all been very impressive. We couldn’t be happier with the company.”


“We searched and rang a few drone companies in Perth and birds eye media were definitely the most prompt with their quote and answered all of our questions well. We were absolutely thrilled with the video we received and will be continuing to use birds eye media for future videos.”


@Drone Workshop Student

“I would highly recommend birds eye media for UAV videographic training. Dean is friendly, patient, and highly professional and the training was helpful and enjoyable!”


“Thank you, The renders were great . I will pass your details around the office and any other potential customers for you in the future. I myself will certainly use your company again as the need arises.”