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Conveying to clients the ethos behind your organisation is better achieved through engaging imagery rather than lengthy text. At birds eye media we specialise in creating brand video production that achieves an increase in overall brand perception and engages your audience for longer periods.

No matter the brand video production you want to create, or the story you wish to convey, our knowledgeable team can capture the footage and edit it to perfection. Branded video productions are typically full of emotion and this drives your audience to take the desired action, whether it be to purchase a product/service, or just create a stronger customer relationship.

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City of Perth Destination/Lifestyle Series

In 2019 birds eye media won a tender to supply professional videography, editing, and scripting services to City of Perth’s Tourism Brand “Visit Perth”. After a successful year of supplying quality content, we were invited to submit our tender submission for a further year which we were successful in.

As part of the 2020 deliverables, Visit Perth came to us with a few ideas of videos and locations they would like to see captured. We then coordinated talent, storyboards, the filming and editing to deliver some of their most successful videos on social media to date.

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Ramelius Resources – Marda Gold Mine Showpiece Video

Ramelius Resources are a mining company based in Western Australia with sites right across WA. In early August 2020, Ramelius Resources came to us with a large video project, to showcase a mine site they operate in northeast of Kalgoorlie. With a strong brief from the client and some sample videos we had a clear idea of what the client wanted to achieve and we set out on an 8-hour road trip to Marda Gold Mine. Capturing sunrises to sunsets, drone cinematography, time lapse’s, filming in dump truck cabs, haul trucks, and mining activities, the birds eye media team were able to put together a showstopping cinematic video for Ramelius. The video was extremely popular on social media channels and we are excited to assist Ramelius in telling their story again in the future.

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Gymnastics WA – Kinder Gym – Different age groups learning different movements

Gymnastics WA came to bird’s eye media to help them showcase their new Kinder Gym program. A diverse program that teaches kids from the ages of toddlers through to children, fine motor skills, social awareness and interactions, teamwork, and various other skills to help them excel at life. The team at birds eye media assisted with storyboards then filmed over a 3-day period to create some inspiring, fun, and creative videos which included animated graphic overlays, licenced music, and intro and outro graphics. Gymnastics WA was thrilled with the final videos and we are excited to work with them in the future.

Crafted to cut through the crowd

As a business, getting in front of your desired audience and gaining their attention can be difficult. At birds eye media, we work to craft professional quality, branded video production that does all the speaking for your organisation to engage and intrigue your viewers.

How we achieve these results is by taking the time to understand your business and what drives each and every person behind it. Customers can spot when an organisation isn’t being authentic in a brand video production; we find people respond best to organisations who show their core values and morals behind everything they do.

Creating a Purposeful Video Production Journey

For some business owners, the thought of brand video production can be daunting, and although it may not be the most traditional form of advertising, it is now one of the most effective. The team of brand videographers at birds eye media pride themselves on being flexible, accommodating, and encouraging to get the very best content from your organisation.

We work alongside you to gain a greater understanding of what you wish to achieve and the points you wish to portray through the brand video production process. This allows us to better conceptualise the final product and enables us to identify the content we need to capture. From there, our editors can piece together the footage to craft a branded video that captures your organisation in its entirety.

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Why Should I Use Brand Video Production?

The reasons for using branded video as part of your marketing campaign are plentiful. Firstly, there is research to suggest that videos receive twice the amount of clicks than other media types. When your audience is intrigued enough by your video to click through for more information, there is an increased likelihood your brand will have an impression on them. Secondly, and this is where we are experts, it allows you to tell a story that text and still images alone cannot achieve.

Online Engagement

If you feel as though your current content isn’t capturing an audience and sparking their interest, a brand video production could solve this issue. Brand video production can be used both on your organisation’s website or as social media content on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

By creating more engaging content, you increase the time in which audiences are inadvertently engaging with your organisation. This can spark conversations between your organisation and prospective customers, which has the potential to increase leads.

At birds eye media, we recommend taking an open approach to brand video production. Audiences appreciate transparency and are more likely to engage with videos that strike an emotion and drive action.

User Experience

At the end of the day, the most important factor in an organisation is its customers. So, why not use a content type that has the greatest user experience, to properly connect with your most important asset.

This is where brand video production comes in. Not only does it spark the interest of your potential customers, but it also allows them to understand the driving force behind your business by engaging all their senses. No other content type has the power to immerse a viewer in a story the way video does and using this to your advantage is what creates a positive user experience and generates interest.

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Branded Video Content We create

At birds eye media, we work with you to create brand video productions for your corporate business that reflect the values and story behind everything you do. By capturing your authenticity, you can align yourself with current and potential new clients that share your morals and see the value in what you do.

Portraying your organisation’s brand story and how it relates to your customers’ lives can significantly increase the feeling of trust they have with your business. Video branding works to establish exactly what drives your organisation and how it benefits your customers which, in turn, can increase lead generation.

Sometimes, the best way to show the extensive features of a product or service is through a promotional video production. This brings what you offer your customers to life and can create an increased interest in your brand. At birds eye media, we provide effective promo videos which walk the fine line between being effective sales tools and engaging content.

For times when you need to portray a story that spans across more than one video, a docu-series could be the answer. It allows your organisations to convey a story to your audience that crosses multiple topics. This type of production could be used to capture stories about employees, customers, and your business.

If you are trying to communicate to your audience a challenging topic that requires a more in-depth approach, an educational brand video could be the perfect solution. An educational video can be used to explain a complicated product or service better to your customers and answer the frequently asked questions surrounding it. This style of video encourages audiences to find out more.

Branded social media videography should ideally be fast, punchy, and shareable, no matter the topic the video is discussing. At birds eye media, we help you create social media videos that align with your brand and capture your audience’s attention to generate interest in your organisation.

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Here at birds eye media, we can find the right solution for your visual marketing strategy with our extensive videography services. Our other video production services include:

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Why birds eye media?

We are fast becoming Australia’s preferred drone photography, videography, and commercial UAV service provider. We specialise in creating spectacular aerial imagery and ground video content.

Our team provides both creative and commercial services catering to all industries and disciplines including property, film & TV, tourism, construction, and Government sectors.

beach aerial

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience has built a foundation based on delivering an unparalleled brand video production service.

Drone Flying

When using birds eye media for drone videography, you will have the peace of mind that all our operators are fully CASA certified and insured.

video production

Results Driven

We strive to produce commercial video content that will exceed your expectations and increase audience engagement with your content to deliver results.

Drone Pilot

Transferable Skills

At birds eye media, we offer a comprehensive service; our multi-skilled team have backgrounds in various disciplines, equipping us with an extensive range of skills.


Seamless Experience

We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure your commercial video production is exactly what you envisioned and conveys your brand’s narrative.


“We have been using birds eye media for our pool photography for a few months now. We have found the service to be both professional and cost effective. Our clients have reported feeling comfortable with the birds eye team, stating that they are polite & respectful in and around their property. The images are processed & emailed within a very quick turn around, the images have all been very impressive. We couldn’t be happier with the company.”


“We searched and rang a few drone companies in Perth and birds eye media were definitely the most prompt with their quote and answered all of our questions well. We were absolutely thrilled with the video we received and will be continuing to use birds eye media for future videos.”


@Drone Workshop Student

“I would highly recommend birds eye media for UAV videographic training. Dean is friendly, patient, and highly professional and the training was helpful and enjoyable!”


“Thank you, The renders were great . I will pass your details around the office and any other potential customers for you in the future. I myself will certainly use your company again as the need arises.”

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