7 reasons to use time lapse over traditional video

Have you ever considered switching from traditional video to time lapse? Everyone knows video can be a great marketing tool, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the newest trends and find a way to make them work for your subject. We’ll show you 7 reasons why time lapse might be better and help you create amazing time lapse videos.

Isn’t timelapse just a video anyway?

What is the difference between time lapse vs regular video? Timelapse video is made up of individual photos taken sequentially. These time lapse photos are then compiled to create a time lapse video.

Once compiled, the video can be used to present the passing of a long period of time. The speed at which the time passes in the video will depend on the length of the final video you create. For example, if your time lapse shoot covers a 6-hour period, and if the final video is 30 seconds, time will appear to pass much faster than if the final video was an hour.

Time lapse photography vs video

1. Time lapse videos are a great way to show the passage of time

Time lapse is popular because it can show time passing in a way we cannot experience. You can use time lapse for all sorts of applications, from showing weather changes or just simply recording life around us as time passes by. You can use time lapse videos for business projects such as construction. They are a useful tool to depict an entire project to stakeholders from start to finish.

2. Time lapse video is more engaging than traditional video

Time lapse can capture a lot of important details in a short time. This is why time lapse video works well for web-based videos or presentations where time is limited, and you need to convey information quickly.

Time lapse is also a useful tool to create excitement. It creates the illusion of something interesting happening very quickly. By speeding things up like this you can create a sense of urgency and excitement for your viewers. This is particularly useful to include timelapse as part of a longer video presentation to hold viewers’ attention.

3. Time lapses typically take up less space than traditional videos

Time lapses video files are typically much smaller than traditional videos. Although this point is a little technical and more related to behind the scenes, it is still important. You can significantly reduce the time lapse compilation in size, which means that it can easily be transferred or stored without taking up too much space. This makes time lapse perfect for quick presentations on the web and sharing time-lapse videos with your friends and colleagues online.

4. Time lapse is perfect for showing movement that would be difficult in regular video

Time lapse can show movement that would be hard to capture with regular videos. Even though time lapses are sped up, you can easily slow it down to see the change in detail or speed it back up for dramatic effect. This is why time lapse works well when used in conjunction with traditional filmmaking tools.

For example, time lapse is a great way to capture an event or activity that would be time-consuming and laborious for the regular camera person. This makes time lapses perfect for use in construction, events, or to record nature.

5. You can use the long exposure feature to greater effect

Time lapse works well for showing time passing, but it’s also great because you can use the long exposure features of a camera to its full effect. In time lapse photography there is a little window of time where each frame stays open and captures light before closing again. This allows more light to come into your time lapse photos – which means that it is perfect for time lapses where there is a lot of light or very little.

Long exposure times creates a visual effect that smooths the overall movement you’re capturing. A great example of this is star trails. Star trail time lapses create an amazing effect by showing how stars move across the sky over time leaving a trail of light from where they started on their journey.

6. It doesn't require sound

Unlike traditional video that often revolves around speaking, time lapse often speaks for itself, and can be accompanied by music or minimal voice-over scripts. This can be useful for people who want to capture videos but don’t have the equipment necessary to record audio at the time of filming. While some time lapse videos are accompanied by music, this isn’t required and you may choose not to include any, especially if you are wanting to minimise copyright costs.

7. There is no limit when it comes to what you can do with a sequence of still photos

Time lapse videography uses still images, the benefit of this is that you have both still images and timelapse video (once edited). These still images can then be used on their own for other mediums such as websites, brochures, etc. This means you aren’t limited to time lapsed videos but can also create stunning photography. Two birds, one stone!

Where to now?

Whether your goal is to show how a process, product or event unfolds over time, traditional video can be limiting. Time lapse videos are an excellent alternative if you want to highlight the passage of time in a way that’s visually engaging and fun for viewers. We know it might seem like there’s nothing new about this concept, but we assure you there are plenty of ways to make your time lapse video stand out from the crowd! If you need help bringing all those hours’ worth of footage together into something coherent and captivating, call us at birds eye media today!

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