Our Favourite Time Lapse Cameras for Construction 2021

Let’s explore the ins and outs of capturing next level time lapse footage of construction projects

Getting the best photos with a time lapse camera system

If you need time lapse footage taken at your construction site, a quality time lapse camera system is going to play a huge role in capturing a high standard of photography or videography. Time lapse camera systems are commonly used on construction sites to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Capture content
  • Monitor progress

Improving site productivity

If you’re between multiple job projects, it can be difficult to get your head around what’s happening at each site. Time lapse cameras can be used to increase productivity on long-term projects by allowing you to see what happened whilst you were away from the site. Solar-powered time lapse systems  are a popular choice for construction as managers never have to worry about losing access to the time lapse footage.

Creating the ‘wow’ factor with clients

There are no doubts about it, time lapse footage is impressive. When trying to attract clients or impress stakeholders, visual impact can sometimes say more than words can explain. The capability of these camera systems allows you to capture high-definition vision of your project from start to end.

Project tracking and on-demand updates

For those who are tracking and monitoring the progress of a build from an off-site office, time lapse cameras for construction can provide clear and concise imagery. This helps to save time travelling to and from the site that could be used more productively elsewhere.

Meet the industry-leading time lapse camera system

To protect your equipment and ensure you get seamless footage, birds eye media have developed an industry-leading time lapse camera system. The customisable system comes equipped with:

  • IP( ingress protection) rated weatherproof housing
  • 24MP (megapixel) DSLR camera
  • 4G data for remote monitoring
  • Flexible mounting equipment

Our time lapse camera system allows you to relax knowing the footage being captured is high-quality and off-site offices can always access the video recording.

Unit breakdown

The birds eye media time lapse camera system is industry-leading and has been developed to suit Australian conditions, making it incredibly reliable. The unit includes:

  • Internal camera mounting system for either portrait or landscape camera orientation
  • Time lapse control unit complete with a 4G modem for lightning-fast image upload
  • 10W solar panel to power the system, complete with IP66 rated connectors
  • Waterproof enclosure, designed for harsh conditions
  • USB thumb drive for storage of images
  • Onboard battery system

Need high-quality time lapse cameras for your construction project?

Birds eye media provide time lapse camera hire and sale options

What camera’s work best with the time lapse camera systems?

Our time lapse camera system has been designed to accommodate a large range of time lapse DSLR cameras on the market. These cameras are ideal for filming time lapse footage because they provide high-quality image resolution and lens options that can capture a large area.

Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 is a crowd favourite, its popularity coming from its ease of use and range of available lens to capture a variety of footage. In technical speak, the D3300 has a wide adjustment range for native sensitivity. A wide range of native sensitivity allows you to shoot your time lapse footage in a large variety of lighting environments. Which is crucial if you are filming through the day and night.

  • 23MP sensor with no lowpass filter
  • Excellent guidance mode
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

Nikon D3500

For an entry-level DSLR camera, the Nikon D3500 is perfect to capture quality footage. Its most notable time lapse feature is its 5FPS continuous shooting. This means the D3500 can capture 5 frames per second, up to 100 frames. This is ideal for filming time lapse footage of fast-moving objects.

  • 5FPS continuous shooting
  • Consistent image quality
  • Responsive autofocus
  • Affordable range
  • User friendly

Canon 200DI and 200DII

If you want a compact DSLR with all the capabilities of its competitors, then the Canon 200D mark I or mark II is the answer. It’s light, easy to use, and has a Dual Pixel Auto Focus system which allows it to focus on objects in a flash. This makes it a great choice for capturing a high-quality time lapse for construction projects.

Canon 200DI and 200DII features:

  • Consistent high image quality capture in RAW (uncompressed file type)
  • Built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Small scale and lightweight DSLR
  • Dual Pixel Auto Focus System
  • Great battery life

Canon 200DII features:

  • Advanced AF (autofocus) system
  • Compatibility with UHS-II card
  • 4K video recording

Looking for a reliable, consistent, and easy to manage time lapse camera?

Birds eye media provide time lapse camera hire and sale options

Securing your Time Lapse Camera System

Finding the ultimate location to set up your time lapse camera system depends on the environment in which you are working. Popular mount options include rooftop mounts, building mounts, pole mounts, or concrete base options.

It’s so important to mount your time lapse system correctly to ensure it can withstand any weather conditions and doesn’t move throughout the filming time. If the camera moves or is damaged by weather your footage is effectively ruined and you won’t be able to capture the entirety of the footage you need.

Examples of Time Lapse Camera Mounts

Have you got a time lapse project and need a team to assist?

Our specialised team of photographers can help install, manage, and create engaging time lapse videos of your big project!


Construction projects are a timely process, and as such, if you want to capture the build, you need to have a time lapse camera system ready to go from day one. This is why planning is so important. You need to know the type of footage you need to capture, the environment the system will be in, and the settings that will get you the best result.

This is why we recommend the best time lapse cameras for construction and the ultimate time lapse system to set it up on. A quality set-up ensures the footage captured is useable for both off-site monitoring, and to create content later on.

To take your time lapse video from good to great, we recommend considering a professional videography editor. By having a dedicated team behind your time lapse video you will ensure the result will truly wow your audience.

birds eye media time lapse photography

When it comes to time lapse videography and photography, birds eye media are the industry experts. Our team can set up the systems, capture the time lapse footage, and edit it to perfection. We have taken our time lapse photography services one step further and developed a state-of-the-art time lapse camera system.

We started developing this system in 2013 to meet needs within the market that weren’t being met. The time lapse camera system has been developed by photographers for photographers, for both long- and short-term-time lapse footage.

To ensure everyone can have access to time lapse equipment, birds eye media offer both purchase and hire options for their time lapse camera systems.

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