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Choosing the right video production for your business

In 2021, consumers are watching more video content than ever before.

Over the past few years, content marketing has undergone a huge transformation, and video has emerged front-and-center. Now, it’s arguably the most effective strategy you can use to connect with your audience. Especially in the age of mobile & social marketing, many users find engaging types of video content difficult to resist.

Despite the accessibility of using video for marketing campaigns, branding or socials. Many companies still sit on the sidelines because of the daunting prospect of creating fresh, unique video content.

The reality is, using video isn’t as complex as it seems and its finding out what type of video content your audience loves to watch – and offering more of that.

Choosing the right type of video production is directly dependent on your goal for the video. Do you intend to build brand awareness, captivate customers with your values to make them to take action? Or maybe you are showcasing a new product and want to provide education around it.

Today, we explore the various types of video production and give you the insights to understand which video production is best for your business.

Time-lapse Videos

Imagine if we only took one shot every minute, hour, or even once a day and played the images back at a speed of 25 frames per-second?

The result is an ultra-realistic playback of time, called a timelapse. Timelapse video productions take what is normally captured as single moments in time and create a moving, bite-sized living stories. Timelapse photography allows us to compress many hours or days into just a few seconds or minutes.

How is it Done?

To make these videos, cameras are set up to take a series of photos at regular intervals, such as every minute, hour, or day, of your project or subject. This step can take anywhere from less than an hour, to years, depending on the duration of your project.

After capturing some fantastic footage of your project, it is moved to post-production. Here, we seamlessly stitch together those images into a moving story that tells the story you want to tell!

When to use Timelapse Videos for your business

The most effective use of a timelapse is when you intend to capture an event happening over a long period of time and wish to condense it into a short video.

An example can be a complex building being constructed and showcasing the development stages from start to finish in a few minutes. Telling an interesting story in a short amount of time, you can use this video on your website and socials to demonstrate your company’s capabilities!

If you need a timelapse video for your business, you can rely on birds eye media as your professional experts in timelapse video production. We offer bespoke solutions that overcome the challenges of capturing your desired imagery

360 and Virtual Reality Videos

360° and Virtual Reality video production has changed the way we perceive and interpret video content. By doing away with fixed perspectives, placing viewers in the heart of the action and giving them the freedom to choose their viewpoint, 360° and Virtual Reality video has reinvented the idea of digital storytelling

How is it done?

In 360° and Virtual Reality videos, a view in every direction is recorded at the same time using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. Stitching turns the individual videos into a single, high resolution, seamless panoramic video. This allows the viewer to have total control of the viewing direction.

With captured footage, it can be taken to the next level for a fully immersive experience by adding music, trim scenes and effects to make as if you are experiencing it as real life.

When to use 360° and Virtual Reality Videos for your business

360° and Virtual Reality videos are used typically for social media platforms around showcasing your projects or business. 360° and Virtual Reality videos are more appropriate for businesses that incorporate some form of journey experience with their services (i.e. 360 experiences for tourism operators, showing a factories processes in 360 or VR or even underwater to view sea life in 360)

Not only is 360° and Virtual Reality videos an innovative way of reaching your audience, it also drive more engagement and interaction with your videos! Leading to more conversions and leads with your business.

If you have a project idea in mind for 360° and Virtual Reality, you should consult with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals specialised in 360° videos. With the right equipment, knowledge, and software, they will be able to fully visualise and capture your project as you envision it. 

Drone Videos

Get a new perspective on your event, facility, destination, or property with a view from above.

Drone videos provide some of today’s most exciting footage, from capturing a new perspective for a event to highlighting the dynamic nature of your workplace or a breathtaking scenery that can only be seen from above.  

How is it done?

With the ability to fly and film from 400ft above ground, drones are set up under the right regulations to shoot the video within the defined area of operations. This flexible operating area enables drone pilots to fully capture your project from unique angles and shots. This is normally completed in a few hours depending on the project.

After your video is captured, it is taken to the post-production where it is edited with transitions, music and SFX to create an engaging piece of video content.  

When to use Drone Videos for your business

Drone videos are a perfect choice for showing the scope of an event, building, scenery or other experiences.

For businesses who are aiming to capture a live events, scout locations, showcase a project or building. Then drone videos may be your solution to best achieve your goals. With the capability of capturing unique perspective to tell a story, you can use this video on your socials and website to showcase your work and productivity all in one shot.

To get the best of your drone video for your project, you need a reliable, drone specialist to capture what you need. Ideally choosing one that is CASA certified, knows the drone rules and regulations, and has public liability 20 million and to make sure you ask your operator for their credentials. This will help avoid any legal disruptions, save you costs and get the video you need for your project.

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Commercial Videos

Commercial videos are all about conveying a story to your audience that drives engagement and showcases your passion and motivation.

You may see commercial advertising on socials, T.V, and Video streaming sites and they all have something in common. Every commercial video content is dynamic, creative, and punchy with the intent of capturing your customers attention and leave a lasting impact.

How is it done?

The way commercial videos work is uniquely different from other types of video production with the purpose of inciting action and leaving memorable impressions.

Most Commercial videos are creatively constructed to generate excitement and engagement, drive a call to action, dynamic in its transitions, consistent branding, shareable and usually 30 seconds or less.

This typically uses a series of short video captures in rapid succession around the topic focus of the commercial (i.e., A Service or Core Product) with music, transitions and SFX.

When to use Commercial Videos for your business

If you are intending to capture the attention of new and existing audiences, break through the noise of social media and stand out from your competition. Then commercial video is the solution for you.

 By showcasing your subject in a dynamic and impressionable perspective will reap the most effective results in generating awareness, excitement, engagement, and action with your business!

You should aim to find a videographer that is knowledgeable and experienced to offer flexible solutions to achieve your vision. They should be able to collaborate closely with you to help develop your commercial’s storyboard and provide the expert advice to guide you though the production process.

Brand Videos

A brand video is an opportunity to present your company at its very best – to tell your customers who you are, what you’re about, and why they should work with you. Brand video are usually emotionally charged as they compel your audience to take action.

They also aim to shape the way people view you as a business and develop goodwill towards your brand.

How is it done?

Set to bring dimension and life into your video’s message, brand videos comprise of a serious of strategic shots that aim to captivate your audience by adding a sense of personality to your brand.

This is accompanied by setting the format, background, actors, music, sound effects and editing styles to create a visual theme that compliments your branding.

When to use Brand Videos for your business

Brands videos work the best in reaching new clients online! In the current age where attention span is low, a highly inspirational and emotionally driven video can leave powerful impact, impression and recognition.

You can use brand videos on your website or social pages to convey your business’s story, history, service and mission in a short timeframe. Elevating your business to convey itself better online.

Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video is one of the most effective ways of marketing there is! This is because testimonials are purely based on authentic feedback of your clients that builds social proof and trust with your brand.

This is incredibly powerful in this age where trust has become a required value by businesses if customers want to engage with them. Consumers trust what other consumers say, and if they can see and hear what people have to say about you, chances are they are more willing to interact with your business.

How is it done?

Think a testimonial video as a sort of your very own review platform that showcases your capabilities and work through words of a customer.

Testimonial videos are all on creating powerful storytelling content of your customers journey and experience with you. This starts addressing their initial problem, how you provided a solution and the difference it made to them. Followed with a series of shots, lighting, music, sound effects to create a vibrant appeal.

When to use Testimonial Videos for your business

Testimonial videos are ideally best used when you need to build credibility and authority for your business. When possible clients see that you have address problems they are experience through a testimonial, it can greatly influence their decision to get in touch.

You can use testimonials on your website as proof and on social media to build reach, awareness and credibility in your industry.

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Conclusion (How to choose which is the best for you?)

The different types of videography are always fun and exciting if you know what you wish to create. Primarily before you decide on the type of video production you wish to use, you need to consider the goal and intent of the video.

 If you are planning to build social proof and authority, does a 360 video seem like the right choice for you? Sure, its exciting but probably not the best in terms of generating a result.

Choosing the most appropriate video that aligns with your business goals will help you greatly in improving your business in traffic, engagement, leads and recognition. If you are still unsure of which is the best video production to achieve your goals, speak to a team of expert videographers like birds eye media?

Who are birds eye media?

birds eye media are Perth’s preferred service provider for drone photography, videography and commercial UAV. Our specialisation in creating spectacular aerial imagery and ground video content is second to none.

We come equipped with years of experience, qualifications, certifications, and latest equipment. This allows us to provide you with a memorable, easy, and seamless experience. We collaborate closely with you to ensure we deliver a solution that meets your goals and satisfaction. To us, communication is key to providing the best experience and solution.

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