Simple tips to manage your social media

Hints And Tips On Managing Your Social Media

Dont pull your hair out! Social media can sometimes make you feel like ripping your hair out.

“Should I use Emoji’s” “What platforms should I join” “how often should I post” “what do I write about”

The list goes on!

It all comes down to “KISS” Keep it simple stupid!

Social media doesn’t have to be hard. We have listed the top 5 concerns and frustrations we hear the most, with some really simple ways to combat these struggles.

1: I’m having trouble staying on top of all my social media

First, you need to work out what social media accounts your audience will interact with you on, and focus on those. If you are a plumber, Facebook and Instagram might suit you. If you are a Photographer and need to show a visual portfolio of your work Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook might suit you.

Once you have worked out what social media platforms best suit your business there are loads of free and paid social media management software sites available to help you manage your chosen accounts. These sites let you log into each of your social media accounts, create one post and share across all your social platforms in 1 click! You can schedule posts in the future and even customise each post specific to each platform.

  • HootSuite: Probably the most well-known platform and suited to the more advanced user. HootSuite is cloud-based and gives the user advanced analytics so you can track how well your posts are doing.
  • Buffer: We believe is the most well-rounded option with a simple interface, home screen and is easy to use.
  • Everypost: Great for beginners and if you only need to manage a couple of social media platforms. It is very easy to learn and use.

As with everything these days there are Free and Paid versions. With free versions, you will have limitations on how often you can post, how many posts you can share and how many social media platforms you can manage at once. With paid versions, you can manage hundreds of accounts, get detailed analytics and overall increased capabilities.

2: I’m always running out of things to post!

Ok, so our biggest disclaimer is…..BUILD AN ARCHIVE!!!!!

Most people start their social media campaign so excited. They have a few awesome images and ideas but it stops there. You need to have a plan for how you want your social media to look and feel and what goals you are hoping to achieve.

It really does help by writing these down and checking back regularly to make sure you are on track.

Once you have your goals and a plan laid out, the next step is to build an archive of content that matches your plan. If you can afford it, it is a great idea to get a professional photographer to take some professional looking photos of your products or services. If you cant afford a professional photographer, ask to borrow a friends “good” camera or camera phone to get some quality shots.

Remember don’t get too fancy, but do take some time to make sure you have good lighting and in the right location.

3: I don’t know what to write

This comes back to “KISS”

Keep it simple and to the point, let people know what you do and what you love. Social media posts are not rocket science, if you are an artist and have just finished a nice piece of artwork, say exactly that…

“Just finished a piece I have been working on for the last 6 months, I’m so proud of what I have created and hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think”

Or if you are an electrician and wired up a really complex job, explain it to your audience…

“Huge day working on wiring up all the new lights at the stadium. 1000m of wire and 400 lights later… Feeling Chuffed”

Social media is about communicating with your audience what you do and sharing your knowledge.

4: How often should I post?

This depends on what your message is and what your company does. For the example above with the electrician, your audience doesn’t need to know what you are doing on the hour every hour, just keep them updated, not inundated.

On the other hand, if you are a company that sells hourly deals and offers this would suit you perfectly.

Get to know your audience and ask them what they would like to see more off and less of, you can do this by creating a fun poll in Instagram stories or poll via a Facebook company page.

5: Be consistent

There is nothing worse than starting off your social media campaign with huge amounts of energy and great content, only to let it fall down a black hole because you got busy and something else was more important.

Your audience and followers want to know “for example” that Fridays will be your recipes for the week. Or Mondays are your funny quote day.

Imagine going to a concert and the performer turns up late, forgets the song they are singing then leaves early. Your social media is no different.

With the above tips, some sound planning and great looking pics, your social media goals will be one step closer.

Still struggling or feeling overwhelmed and need some help?

birds eye media offer affordable social media management services that can help your business look good, be consistent and talk your language.

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