Travel Photography with Birds Eye Media

Some of the Birds Eye Media team were lucky enough to head to Europe for a working holiday over May and June.

Since our return many people have asked us, where did you go and what gear did you take?

We thought we would share some of our pics and very quick break down the kit we took on our trip.

Its always a good idea to have a plan (or some sort of plan)

Have a look at the places you are going, check the weather for the places you plan to go to and what it is typically like at that time of year.

Also try to uncover some secret spots, to get some shots they may not have been seen by the online world before.


Think about the gear you want to take and work out where and what you will be doing. There is no point taking a huge bulky camera and all your lenses if you are hiking narrow dusty trails. Stick to a small reliable kit so you can spend more time snapping and not changing lenses hanging off the side of a cliff.

Here is a list of what we took. (depending on your style of trip, your kit may need it to be completely different)
Camera: Fujifilm XT2 awesome 24mp mirrorless camera, lightweight and powerful
Camera SD Card: Sandisk Ultra Fast SD, this is one thing you don’t want to skimp out on.
Lens 1: 10-24mm wide angle, great for architecture and some landscape stuff.
Lens 2: 35mm prime, crisp and clean, great for sharp street photography and people.
Bag: Lowepro: Small light and great for small hiking missions.
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Pro, this is our trusty travel drone.
Drone Bag: Non branded hardshell back pack. A Must!
Rode Mic: Great non powered small external mic for getting better quality sound.
ELE Cam 360 Camera: Wont leave home without our 360 degree camera!
Go Pro Hero 4 Black: Awesome for water and action.
Micro SD cards at least 90mb per second. Having a fast bit rate helps with smooth footage and transfers data quicker, Great investment.
DJI OSMO: This is a handheld gimbal. Lightweight and easy for travel.
Apple MacBook Air: Taking so much footage and pics means that it is a good idea to pull your photos and videos off as you go, and format your memory cards for the next day. You would hate to film some amazing stuff then loose your camera or drone, if this does happen at least you have only lost a days worth.

Other items to consider. A sturdy tripod for both camera and phone, a 6000-10,000mah power bank to charge on the go… Trust me you will need it.


You may or may not have one, but our advice for novice and professionals is check the local laws before you fly. Respect the country laws you are about to fly in. Remember you may not be familiar with the place you are about to go. So it is worth checking. A google search, “flying drones in Europe” will give you some great links to local government websites telling you what you can and can’t do. (too many to list in this blog post, but contact us if you would like us to send you some great links and contacts)


Get your mind out of the gutter….not that type of protection.

Project your gear, it was expensive. Make sure you have a good camera bag with alternative pockets and compartments. If you are walking long distances a camera can weigh a lot around your neck and is a good idea to have a nice bag.

Lowepro make some great ones with quality stitching and compartments.

Our Pics:

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